Dolki Mala’s that is a Must in Your Trinket Box

My dear friends today in this guide I am going to tell you about some of the best jewelry styles that you can do that will make you look dashing. Oh, by the way, it's only for ladies… men reading this will sound grotesque. Anyways fun apart there is some unique beautiful jewelry that you can wear with traditional dresses that will make you look complete. Also, I will tell you in this guide about some unique jewelry collections that you must have noted some famous TV actresses wearing. I will also come to that point and will also tell you where you can get these types of jewelry. 

Traditional Shops Don’t Have Latest Jhumki’s 

The first and foremost place where you can get all these types of jewelry is in online shops. If you think that you get some latest Malas and earrings in traditional shops, then I am sorry,..but the answer is a big NO. You will not get the latest types of jewelry in these shops. Apart from that one of the things that you will note is that the traditional or modern jewelry shops do not have the latest collections. In mala, they will show you some simple layered pearl necklaces or single-layered necklaces, then some imitation Malas which have chain designs and a locket, etc. 

Old Fashioned Earrings 

And guess what the earrings, which is again the main part of ladies shopping in that also you will get some boring designs either a small flower with a diamond bead in the center or some traditional designs like rangoli flower jewelry or plain rangoli jewelry etc. Rangoli jewelry means the designs that are rangoli types. Like for instance, a hexagon design with some beads or hexagon pearl beads. And trust me on this one thing; these designs are such age-old designs that it has become outdated. I mean for old ladies the designs are ok. But for young girls wearing such earrings for traditional events is not at all ok. It’s a big NO. 

Silver Jhumki’s that matches with Any Traditional Outfit Color 

So, young girls should wear some good earrings like Versatile Jhumki, which gives such a suave look. There are various kinds of versatile jhumkis that are available online. And trust me these jhumki, especially silver-colored ones look so good with red saree or salwar kameez and it's not just red it goes with any color. But one of the most popular color dresses with which the Jhunki’s will suit is the black color dress. You can buy one of the best Jhunki’s like Mor essence jhumki, which has small pearly beads in round shape and like a bell with pearls and on top silver curved designs, like circular, etc. 

Best Golden Peacock Jhumki 

Then, you also get online a simple bell jhumki which is with beads and it comes in beautiful colors including a silver color. In Amazon, you will get one of the best Jhumki’s ever i.e. the versatile golden peacock jhumki. It comes in a color combination of black, golden and pearls. On the top you will have a peacock with its spreaded feathers in black and golden color i.e. golden beads on the feather, and then on the bottom, you will have a triangular bell in black and golden beads design. And the golden beads are in a diamond shape. So, here you can imagine a triangular round bell with a diamond-shaped golden design/bead. This is not the end, there is more to it, and then next at the bottom you will have small round circles and too many pearly beads inside that circle, which almost looks like a bunch of fruit hanging on a branch of a tree. This is one of the best Jhumki that you can have and wear and it looks so unique. 

The popularity of Dholki Bead Mala 

Apart from Jhumki, Dholki Beads Mala is also very popular. As you must have noticed, many TV serial actresses wear different styled dholki beads mala. Dholki beads mala may be expensive, but their beauty is eye-catching. Wear it with any dress or outfit, and you will know that the first thing that the onlookers will see is your dholki beads mala. You can check online for pure silver indian dholki mala of bormala dholki beads, then you can also check out Green Onyx and Gold polished dholki bead mala (which is less expensive), then there are layered dholki beads and single-layered dholki beads mala also. You can also get colorful dolki beads mala too.