Stunning Jewellery Designs to Accessorize Your Ethnic Wear

India is a country of culture, tradition, and colors. From the beautiful outfits to the spontaneous jewellery, everything is delectable here. People from different cities in India as well as tourists from all around the world, specifically show a great interest in everything that showcases the unique and colorful roots of India. A few years ago, western fashion was on the verge to become the most-popular outfit type. However, slowly the designers strived to mix the uniqueness of Indian culture with the modernity of choice the western wears offered.

Ethnic Kurties has emerged as the highest-purchased outfit in recent years. For a woman, an outfit is incomplete as long as it is not accentuated with a matching and complimentary piece of jewellery. Though the taste of adornments differs from person to person, there are some specific pieces of jewellery that are taking the Indian woman's interest by storm. Dholki beads mala is one such ornament that goes well with not only traditional wear but also today's funky party outfits. Apart from that, high demand for lightweight silver Jewellery is also surging around the Indian fashion & accessories shops. If you have purchased an ethnic Kurti recently, then let's see which jewellery design will be the most suitable add-ons for it:

1) Dholki Beads Mala

This is definitely the ultra-trending jewellery type that can beautifully make your look gorgeous no matter what kind of outfit you put it on. On the other hand, its popularity among not only the general public but even among the celebrities increasing. Dholki beads mala come in a number of colors, styles, and sizes. One-piece can contain one to four and in some cases, even seven to eight Malas. 

Each mala is beautifully adorned with beads of single, double alternate, or multiple colors. The golden and light color variants of Dholki beads mala are quite popular due to their ability to accentuate all kinds of outfits. In a recent event, a number of Bollywood celebrities including Vidhya Balan were witnessed wearing these Malas with their traditional outfits. 

2) Lightweight Silver Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, gold triumphs over all others. However, gold jewellery comes with different limitations which majorly include a high amount of price, and hence the wearer can't necessarily get the piece she wants. Moreover, in casual events, gold jewellery gives a very heavy look that seems more of a flaunt than a complimenting piece. That's when the lightweight silver jewellery comes into action. 

A piece of silver jewellery isn't just perfect to wear during friends' gatherings, parties, and casual meet-up events, but at the same time, the customer can select from a big range of different ornaments without hitting their pockets hard. The silver color has an extraordinary property of getting mixed with the looks of all kinds of outfits from a fancy t-shirt to an ethnic Kurti or a heavy modern gown. 

3) Classy Jhumkas

No Indian girl has ever become able to resist the bewitching spell of traditional and classy Jhumkas. One will assuredly find multiple pairs of traditional jhumkas in an Indian woman's wardrobe. If you wear a pair of Jhumkas with your ethnic Kurti or any other garment.

4) Multicolor Studs

Studs are really lightweight and that's why girls don't think twice before wearing them. Mostly, the small studs give a cute and fashionable vibe. And when they are matching with the color of the Kurti you have worn, their beauty just becomes unmatched. 

As we have discussed in this blog, the taste of Indian women of all ages is changing rapidly. However, one thing that isn't changing is their love for their traditional roots. Even if they are wandering around the streets of the ultra-modern fashion marts, their eyes always search for pieces that have a traditional and ethnic appeal with them. The same goes for jewellery and accessories. 

It's true that heavy pieces of traditional Indian jewellery like Rani Haar and Bridal Sets can't be worn with modern outfits. However, there are a lot of ethnic jewellery choices that definitely enhance the look and appeal of any kind of outfit you wear be it ethnic or modern. Dholki beads mala and lightweight silver jewellery are some of such choices.