These Jewellery Pieces will Definitely Compliment Your Ethnic Wear

We live in a country where people, religions, traditions, and history, all are full of extraordinary and vibrant colors. India's culture and art have always been praised over the world. From our beautiful range of breathtaking outfits to splendid artwork and jewelry, are have been received more and more compliments from all over the world. From the last two decades, various fashion firms emerged in western countries, and hence, their outfits and fashion entered all around the world. 

Even in India, we saw quite an influence of western culture in the choices of youth as well as the elderly. In other words, western fits used to be considered everybody's favorite choice a few years back. However, soon the Indian tradition, taste, and colors started to envelop western style by creating indo-western fashion. And the real reason women in India admired Indo-Western outfits was to compliment their beautiful Indian Jewelry like Om Bracelets. Slowly, the intervention of traditional Indian fashion went so well with western fits that it became almost impossible to differentiate. 

For both women and men, jewelry has been an essential part of their lives. In Rajasthan and many other states of India, one can easily find men wearing different kinds of stud earrings, bracelets ranging from leather to metal and stone, as well as gold neck chains or neckpieces that contain shapes and signs of their religious idols. In first-world, countries, the fashion of wearing pierced jewelry among men is quite common. 

On the other hand, for girls, whether Indian or from abroad, jewelry pieces have been a reason to admire their own beauty and be satisfied with their looks. However, we can say that the evolution of jewelry that has been seen in India couldn't be observed in all the countries of the rest of the world combined. In India, you can witness different kinds of ornaments depending upon the specific region you are visiting. 

Even just in Rajasthan, you can get several hundred types of jewelry to gift your loved ones. So coming back to the topic, the people's inclination towards ethnic wear in India is apparent and not all women have plenty of time to visit shop to shop to select a suitable piece of jewelry that would complement their ethnic look. And that's quite why we are here. Let's have a look at the jewelry that will definitely win you a lot of admiration when you wear them with your ethnic wear. 

1) Traditional Jhumkas

Earlier, Jhumkas were only available in a few selected designs. However, as more jewelry designers stepped into the world of fashion, you can now find a big range of Jhumkas, and each pair of them would tell an entirely different story.

2) Bangles

Indian Hindu women have a Millenium long relationship with bangles. Bangles are not only connected with their emotional sentiments, but their colors liven up their mood while making their lives more vibrant. Bangles have always been an inseparable part of an Indian woman's life and they always will be.

3) Traditional Necklaces 

Necklaces come in a variety of types, sizes, metals, and shapes. Not all the necklaces would suit your ethnic wear and that's why you would need to be very wary about what kind of ethnic dress you are putting on. Accordingly, you can select the necklace that suits your look. 

4) Matha Patti

Matha patties used to be an essential ornament to adorn in rural settings. But slowly, they could be seen in urban areas quite well now. However, their use is still limited to extreme traditional occasions like weddings, they reshape a woman's look quite elegantly. 

During casual meetings, most girls, teens, and women don't strive to wear ethnic wear. They would rather go for casual outfits for such a setting. Therefore, you can replace your Jhumkas with stud earrings, long necklaces with a fine, sleek, gold necklace, and bangles with thin bracelets that allow certain movements of your hands. 

On the wedding and other occasions where all you've got is to shine, you can definitely choose from the above kinds of jewelry items we have mentioned above. That will not only enhance your look, but at the same time, it will give you a stunning diva look.