Which necklace should be worn?

Necklaces are the perfect complement to complete the look. Thanks to this part, you can enhance your face and style your neck. But, in addition, necklaces allow you to transform ordinary clothes into the most sophisticated in the world, you just have to combine them well to achieve it. Below we explain which necklace to wear according to the neckline of the dress, as the part you choose will tell you a lot. Learn how to compliment your dress with the best jewelry.

 How to choose the right necklace?

Just like a neckline that looks better or worse, necklaces can also be combined with more or less. While fashion opens up endless possibilities, it’s important to follow basic rules in order to be able to wear this gem with style.

When choosing a necklace, it is important to analyze both the parts and the clothes you will be wearing. The ideal is to complete the look, not overwhelm it, so the tone, shape and even the material will be the key to choosing the best necklace for every occasion.

To choose a jewel, pay attention to the shape of the dress and its neckline, so you can ask yourself which necklace is most suitable for you. Next, we summarize the most stylish neckline styles and styles that will be more easily combined with beautiful necklaces, elegant gems that will style you and enhance your beauty, as well as which necklaces will be used for party dresses.

Collar for ship neckline

A dress with a boat neckline is a dress that is usually higher than the clavicle, and may or may not let the shoulders be exposed, but let the neck be completely clear.

This type of neckline makes an impact and requires a simple little necklace, let alone a little, to enhance femininity and give a promising touch to the look, while you style the neckline.

The suggestion is to use colorful necklaces, maxi necklaces, a kind of strong and short necklaces that come in a variety of designs and colors. This gem is the best choice for this type of neckline.

Necklace for strapless cleavage

There are many dresses and blouses with a strapless neck, without a strap, very similar to "strapless" but characterized by a heart or round shape. This type of dress is king for every occasion and to complement it and give it elegance and sophistication, it is recommended to use a three layered ball necklace, this type of necklace close to the neck, which styles it. Due to strapless cleavage, it is recommended to wear this cut.

The strapless neckline gives a lot of freedom when combining it with different necklace models. From three layered ball necklace they can be your perfect ally to crown this neckline. The recommendation is that the jewelry you choose stays on the skin. You will succeed!

 Necklaces for round and square necklines

 If you want to show off a round neckline, the best option to add gems is to bet on a short necklace. Thanks to them, you will be able to shape the neckline and skin. In this case, choose chokers or short necklaces with jewelry that differentiate your outfit. This is a great alternative to enhance your image.

The same goes for the box. This type of neckline looks better with small necklaces or chokers that line the neckline.

 Necklace for neckline V

Dresses with a V neckline are the most worn. This type of dress requires very unique jewelry, such as diamond pendants. The practical principle is that if the neckline is V-shaped, it is better to use a necklace with a similar shape, although different types of necklaces fit this type of neckline.

A diamond pendant is the best choice as its fall will give sophistication and elegance to any neckline. Simplicity and elegance in a single necklace. You can also choose a long necklace that extends beyond the neckline. With these pieces, you will be able to style your body.

 Collar for shirt collar

Dresses are getting more trendy, and there is a great necklace for them. The light weight tribal carving pearl necklace are jewelry that match the style of this neckline that will give a fun and very elegant touch to your outfit. Find a luxurious and colorful necklace if the outfit is tight.

 Collar for high neck